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Selected Publications

The transition regime between traveling-wave and resonant parametric amplifier

S. Kern et. al.

Traveling wave parametric amplifiers based on kinetic or Josephson nonlinear inductance are known to be microwave quantum limited amplifiers. Usually, a perfectly impedance-matched model is used to describe their characteristics in terms of standard coupled mode theory. In practice, the amplifiers are unmatched nonlinear devices with finite length, exhibiting ripples in the transmission. Since commonly used models fail to describe the ripples of real parametric amplifiers, here we are introducing a theoretical approach with non-negligible reflections, which provides their gain and bandwidth properly for both 3-wave and 4-wave mixing. Predictions of the model are experimentally demonstrated on two types of TWPA, based on coplanar waveguides with a central wire consisting of i) high kinetic inductance superconductor, and ii) array of 2000 Josephson junctions.

arXiv:2203.02448 (2022)