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Selected Publications

Exotic magnetic and electronic properties of layered CrI3 single crystals under high pressure

A. Ghosh, D. Singh, T. Aramaki, Q. Mu, V. Borisov, Y. Kvashnin, G. Haider, M. Jonak, D. Chareev, S.A. Medvedev, R. Klingeler, M. Mito, E.H. Abdul-Hafidh, J. Vejpravova, M. Kalbàc, R. Ahuja, O. Eriksson, M. Abdel-Hafiez

Through advanced experimental techniques on CrI3 single crystals, we derive a pressure-temperature phase diagram. We find that Tc increases to ∼66 K with pressure up to ∼3 GPa followed by a decrease to ∼10 K at 21.2 GPa. The experimental results are reproduced by theoretical calculations based on density functional theory where electron-electron interactions are treated by a static on-site Hubbard U on Cr 3d orbitals. The origin of the pressure-induced reduction of the ordering temperature is associated with a decrease in the calculated bond angle, from 95∘ at ambient pressure to ∼85∘ at 25 GPa. Above 22 GPa, experiment and theory jointly point to the idea that the ferromagnetically ordered state is destroyed, giving rise first to a complex, unknown magnetic configuration, and at sufficiently high pressures a pure antiferromagnetic configuration. This sequence of transitions in the magnetism is accompanied by a well-detected pressure-induced semiconductor-to-metal phase transition that is revealed by both high-pressure resistivity measurements and ab initio theory.

Phys Rev B 105, L081104 (2022)

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.105.L081104