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Selected Publications

YbPd2In: A promising candidate for strong entropy accumulation at very low temperature

F. Gastaldo, S. Gabáni, A. Džubinska, M. Reiffers, G. Pristas, I. Curlik, P. Skyba, M. Clovecko, F. Vavrek, J. G. Sereni, M. Giovannini

We report on synthesis, crystal structure, magnetic, thermodynamic, and transport properties of the compound YbPd 2 In , crystallizing as a Heusler structure type. A trivalent state of the rare earth was determined by fitting the magnetic susceptibility with a Curie-Weiss law. This compound is characterized by showing very weak magnetic interactions and a negligible Kondo effect. A specific-heat jump was observed at T ≈ 250 mK , followed at higher temperature by a power-law decrease of C P ( T ) / T . The resulting large electronic entropy increase at very low temperature is rapidly shifted to higher temperature by the application of magnetic field. This magnetocaloric effect places YbPd 2 In as a very good candidate for adiabatic demagnetization cooling processes.

Phys Rev B 100, 174422 (2019)

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.100.174422