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Selected Publications

Microwave optomechanical measurement of non-metallized SiN strings at mK temperatures

Sumit Kumar, Yannick Klaß, Baptiste Alperin, Srisaran Venkatachalam, Xin Zhou, Eva Weig, Eddy Collin, Andrew Fefferman

The mechanical properties of amorphous materials (glasses) at low temperatures are dominated by effects of low energy excitations that are thought to be atomic-scale tunneling two level systems (TTLS). In nanometer-scale glass samples, the temperature dependence of the sound speed and dissipation is modified relative to that of bulk glass samples. In addition to this size effect, the usual presence of a polycrystalline metal in nanomechanical resonators leads to a further departure from the well-studied behavior of insulating bulk glass. We report a dual chip optomechanical measurement technique used to characterize non-metallized amorphous SiN strings at low temperatures. A harp consisting of SiN strings of width 350 nm and lengths 40 to 80 μm is coupled to an Al superconducting microwave cavity on a separate chip. The strings are driven dielectrically and their motion is detected via its modulation of the microwave resonance frequency.