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Selected Publications

Extreme response of Weyl-Kondo semimetal to Zeeman coupling

S. E. Grefe, H.-H. Lai, S. Paschen, and Q. Si

There is considerable interest in the intersection of correlations and topology, especially in metallic systems. Among the outstanding questions are how strong correlations drive novel topological states and whether such states can be readily controlled. Here we study the effect of a Zeeman coupling on a Weyl-Kondo semimetal in a nonsymmorphic and noncentrosymmetric Kondo-lattice model. A sequence of distinct and topologically nontrivial semimetal regimes are found, each containing Kondo-driven and Fermi-energy-bound Weyl nodes. The nodes annihilate at a magnetic field that is smaller than what it takes to suppress the Kondo effect. As such, we demonstrate an extreme topological tunability that is isolated from the tuning of the strong correlations per se. Our results are important for experiments in strongly correlated systems, and set the stage for mapping out a global phase diagram for strongly correlated topology.