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Selected Publications

Design of a system for controlling a levitating sphere in superfluid 3He at extremely low temperatures

Manuel Arrayás, José L. Trueba, Carlos Uriarte, Dmitry E. Zmeev

We present a new mechanical probe to study the properties of superfluid 3He at microkelvin temperatures down to 100 microK. The setup consists of a set of coils for levitating a superconducting sphere and controlling its motion in a wide variety of regimes. In particular, the realisation of motion of a levitating body at a uniform velocity presents both an experimental challenge and a promising direction into the study of the edge states in topological superfluid 3He-B. We include the theoretical study of the device stability and simulations to illustrate the capabilities of the control system.

Sci Rep 11, 20069 (2021)

doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-99316-7