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Selected Publications

Nonlocal thermoelectricity in a hybrid superconducting graphene device

D. S. Golubev, N. S. Kirsanov, Z. B. Tan, A. Laitinen, A. Galda, V. M. Vinokur, M. Haque, A. Savin, G. B. Lesovik, P. J. Hakonen

The Seebeck effect producing voltage difference from temperature gradient has a wide spectrum of applications. Recent theoretical studies show that the Cooper pair splitting and the elastic co-tunneling can give rise to the nonlocal Seebeck effect in hybrid normal metal-superconductor-normal metal systems. Here we propose a coherent transport description of this nonlocal effect and validate its experimental observation in a graphene-based Cooper pair splitter.

AIP Conference Proceedings 2362, 030003 (2021)

doi: 10.1063/5.0054927