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Realizing quantum materials with Helium: Helium films at ultralow temperatures, from strongly correlated atomically layered films to topological superfluidity

J. Saunders

This article provides an overview, primarily from an experimental perspective, of recent progress and future prospects in using helium to realize a range of quantum materials of generic interest, by “top-down” and “bottom-up” nanotechnology. We can grow model systems to realise new quantum states of matter, and explore key issues in condensed matter physics. In the language of cold atomic gases, two dimensional and confined 3He and 4He provide “quantum simulators”, with the potential to uncover new emergent quantum states. These include: strictly 2D Fermi system with Mott-Hubbard transition; interacting coupled 2D fermion-boson system; heavy fermion quantum criticality; ideal 2D frustrated ferromagnetism; 2D quantum spin liquid; intertwined superfluid and density wave order with emergent large symmetry; topological mesoscopic superfluidity (new materials and emergent excitations).

Topological Phase Transitions and New Developments, pp. 165-196

doi: 10.1142/97898132713400012