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Selected Publications

Radio-frequency optomechanical characterization of a silicon nitride drum

A. N. Pearson, K. E. Khosla, M. Mergenthaler, G. A. D. Briggs, E. A. Laird, N. Ares

On-chip actuation and readout of mechanical motion is key to characterize mechanical resonators and exploit them for new applications. We capacitively couple a silicon nitride membrane to an off resonant radio-frequency cavity formed by a lumped element circuit. Despite a low cavity quality factor (QE ≈ 7.4) and off resonant, room temperature operation, we are able to parametrize several mechanical modes and estimate their optomechanical coupling strengths. This enables real-time measurements of the membrane’s driven motion and fast characterization without requiring a superconducting cavity, thereby eliminating the need for cryogenic cooling. Finally, we observe optomechanically induced transparency and absorption, crucial for a number of applications including sensitive metrology, ground state cooling of mechanical motion and slowing of light.

Sci Rep 10, 1654 (2020)

doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-58554-x