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Selected Publications

Two-dimensional Fermi liquids sustain surprising plasmons beyond the particle-hole band

A. Sultan, H. Godfrin, M. Meschke, H.-J. Lauter, H. Schober, H. Böhm, R. Holler, E. Krotscheck, M. Panholzer

Using inelastic neutron scattering, we have investigated the elementary excitations of an isotropic two-dimensional Fermi liquid, 3He adsorbed on graphite. We provide in this article a detailed account of the principles and methods which allowed measuring for the first time inelastic spectra on a liquid monolayer of 3He, a strong neutron absorber. We also summarise the results presented at this Conference, and review our recent experimental and theoretical work on this this interacting many-body system. At low wave-vectors, near the edge of the particle-hole band, a mode identified as the zero-sound excitation by comparison to our theoretical calculations, is found as predicted at energies much lower than in bulk 3He. The mode enters the particle-hole band, where it undergoes Landau damping. Surprisingly, however, intensity is observed in the neutron spectra at wave-vectors larger than twice the Fermi wave-vector. This new branch is interpreted as the high wave-vector continuation of the zero-sound mode, in agreement with the theory. The results open new perspectives in the understanding of the dynamics of correlated fermions.

J. Phys. Conf. Series 340, 012078 (2012)

doi: 10.1088/1742-6596/340/1/012078