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Selected Publications

Spectroscopy of Quantum-Dot Orbitals with In-Plane Magnetic Fields

L. C. Camenzind, L. Yu, P. Stano, J. Zimmermann, A. C. Gossard, D. Loss and D. M. Zumbühl

We show that in-plane magnetic-field-assisted spectroscopy allows extraction of the in-plane orientation and full 3D size parameters of the quantum mechanical orbitals of a single electron GaAs lateral quantum dot with subnanometer precision. The method is based on measuring the orbital energies in a magnetic field with various strengths and orientations in the plane of the 2D electron gas. From such data, we deduce the microscopic confinement potential landscape and quantify the degree by which it differs from a harmonic oscillator potential. The spectroscopy is used to validate shape manipulation with gate voltages, agreeing with expectations from the gate layout. Our measurements demonstrate a versatile tool for quantum dots with one dominant axis of strong confinement.

Phys. Rev. Letters 112, 207701 (2019)

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.122.207701


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