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Selected Publications

Effects of charge noise on a pulse-gated singlet-triplet S?T? qubit

Qi, Z., Wu, X., Ward, D.R., Prance, J.R., Kim, D., Gamble, J.K., Mohr, R.T., Shi, Z., Savage, D.E., Lagally, M.G., Eriksson, M.A., Friesen, M., Coppersmith, S.N., Vavilov, M.G.

We study the dynamics of a pulse-gated semiconductor double quantum dot qubit. In our experiments, the qubit coherence times are relatively long, but the visibility of the quantum oscillations is low. We show that these observations are consistent with a theory that incorporates decoherence arising from charge noise that gives rise to detuning fluctuations of the double dot. Because effects from charge noise are largest near the singlet-triplet avoided level crossing, the visibility of the oscillations are low when the singlet-triplet avoided level crossing occurs in the vicinity of the charge degeneracy point crossed during the manipulation, but there is only modest dephasing at the large detuning value at which the quantum phase accumulates. This theory agrees well with experimental data and predicts that the visibility can be increased greatly by appropriate tuning of the interdot tunneling rate.

Physical Review B. 96

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.96.115305