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Selected Publications

Multiplexing Superconducting Qubit Circuit for Single Microwave Photon Generation

George, R.E., Senior, J., Saira, O., Pekola, J., de Graaf, S., Lindström, T., Pashkin, Y.

We report on a device that integrates eight superconducting transmon qubits in lambda/4 superconducting coplanar waveguide resonators fed from a common feedline. Using this multiplexing architecture, each resonator and qubit can be addressed individually thus reducing the required hardware resources and allowing their individual characterisation by spectroscopic methods. The measured device parameters agree with the designed values and the resonators and qubits exhibit excellent coherence properties and strong coupling, with the qubit relaxation rate dominated by the Purcell effect when brought in resonance with the resonator. Our analysis shows that the circuit is suitable for generation of single microwave photons on demand with an efficiency exceeding 80%.

J. Low Temp. Phys. 189, 1-2

doi: 10.1007/s10909-017-1787-x