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Selected Publications

Detection of Coherent Terahertz Radiation from a High-Temperature Superconductor Josephson Junction by a Semiconductor Quantum-Dot Detector

R. Shaikhaidarov, V.?N. Antonov, A. Casey, A. Kalaboukhov, S. Kubatkin, Y. Harada, K. Onomitsu, A. Tzalenchuk, and A. Sobolev

We examine the application of Josephson radiation emitters to spectral calibration of single-photon- resolving detectors. Josephson junctions are patterned in a YBCO film on a bicrystal sapphire substrate and are voltage controlled to generate radiation in the frequency range of 0.05–1 THz. The detector used in this work consists of a gate-defined quantum-dot photon-to-charge transducer coupled to a single-electron transistor. Both the emitter and the detector are equipped with a matching on-chip wide-band antenna. The combination of a tuneable emitter and detector allows us to determine the efficacy of the YBCO emitter and also to analyze the elementary processes involved in the detection.

Phys. Rev. Applied 5, (2016) 024010

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevApplied.5.024010