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Selected Publications

Interplay of the Inverse Proximity Effect and Magnetic Field in Out-of-Equilibrium Single-Electron Devices

Nakamura, Shuji and Pashkin, Yuri A. and Taupin, Mathieu and Maisi, Ville F. and Khaymovich, Ivan M. and Mel'nikov, Alexander S. and Peltonen, Joonas T. and Pekola, Jukka P. and Okazaki, Yuma and Kashiwaya, Satoshi and Kawabata, Shiro and Vasenko, Andrey S. and Tsai, Jaw-Shen and Kaneko, Nobu-Hisa

physical review applied 7 (5)

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevApplied.7.054021