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Selected Publications

Ultra low 1/f noise in suspended bilayer graphene

M. Kumar, A. Laitinen, D. Cox, P.J. Hakonen
We have studied 1/f noise power SI in suspended bilayer graphene devices. Around the Dirac point, we observe ultra low noise amplitude on the order of f*SI/I2b=10−9 . The low frequency noise level is barely sensitive to intrinsic carrier density, but temperature and external doping are found to influence the noise power. In our current-annealed samples, the 1/f noise is dominated by resistance fluctuations at the contacts. Temperature dependence of the 1/f noise suggests the presence of trap states in the contact regions, with a nearly exponential distribution function displaying a characteristic energy of 0.12â€V. At 80â€, the noise displays an air pressure sensitivity that corresponds to ∼0.3 ppm gas detection sensitivity; this indicates the potential of suspended graphene as a platform for gas sensing applications.

applied physics letters 106 26, 1-5

doi: 10.1063/1.4923190