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Selected Publications

Work and heat for two-level systems in dissipative environments: Strong driving and non-Markovian dynamics

R. Schmidt, M.F. Carusela, J. Pekola, S. Suomela, J. Ankerhold
Work, moments of work, and heat flux are studied for the generic case of a strongly driven two-level system immersed in a bosonic heat bath in domains of parameter space where perturbative treatments fail. This includes in particular the interplay between non-Markovian dynamics and moderate to strong external driving. Exact data are compared with predictions from weak-coupling approaches. Further, the role of system-bath correlations in the initial thermal state and their impact on the heat flux are addressed. The relevance of these results for current experimental activities on solid-state devices is discussed.

physical review b 91 22, 1-9

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.91.224303