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Selected Publications

A Microkelvin Magnetic Flux Noise Thermometer

D. Rothfuß, A. Reiser, A. Fleischmann, C. Enss

Due to its non-driven nature, noise thermometry intrinsically is the method of choice when minimal heat input during the temperature measurement is required. Our noise thermometer, experimentally characterized for temperatures between 42μ K and 0.8 K, is a magnetic Johnson noise thermometer. The noise source is a cold-worked high purity copper cylinder, 5 mm in diameter and 20 mm long. The magnetic flux fluctuations generated by the electrons’ Brownian motion is measured inductively by two dc-SQUID magnetometers simultaneously. Cross-correlation of the two channels leads to reduction of parasitic noise by more than one order of magnitude which allows for measuring the tiny noise powers at microkelvin temperatures.

J. Low Temp. Phys. 175, 776 (2014)

doi: 10.1007/s10909-014-1146-0