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Selected Publications

In-situ comprehensive calibration of a tri-port nano-electro-mechanical device

E. Collin, M. Defoort, T. Moutonet, J.-S. Heron, O. Bourgeois, Yu.M. Bunkov, H. Godfrin

We report on experiments performed in vacuum and at cryogenic temperatures on a tri-port nano-electro-mechanical (NEMS) device. One port is a very nonlinear capacitive actuation, while the two others implement the magnetomotive scheme with a linear input force port and a (quasi-linear) output velocity port. We present an experimental method enabling a full characterization of the nanomechanical device harmonic response: the nonlinear capacitance function C(x) is derived, and the normal parameters k and m (spring constant and mass) of the mode under study are measured through a careful definition of the motion (in meters) and of the applied forces (in Newtons). These results are obtained with a series of purely electric measurements performed without disconnecting/reconnecting the device, and rely only on known dc properties of the circuit, making use of a thermometric property of the oscillator itself: we use the Young modulus of the coating metal as a thermometer, and the resistivity for Joule heating. The setup requires only three connecting lines without any particular matching, enabling the preservation of a high impedance NEMS environment even at MHz frequencies. The experimental data are fit to a detailed electrical and thermal model of the NEMS device, demonstrating a complete understanding of its dynamics. These methods are quite general and can be adapted (as a whole, or in parts) to a large variety of electromechanical devices.

Rev. Sci. Instr. 83, 045005 (2012)

doi: 10.1063/1.4705992