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3He Vapor Pressure temperature scale

  • A new 3He vapour-pressure based temperature scale from 0.65K to 3.2K consistent with the PLTS-2000, Jost Engert, Bernd Fellmuth and Karl Jousten, Metrologia 44, 40–52 (2007)

3He Melting Curve and PLTS2000 temperature scale

  • New Evaluation of T−T2000 from 0.02 K to 1 K by Independent Thermodynamic Methods, J. Engert, A. Kirste, A. Shibahara, A. Casey, L. V. Levitin, J. Saunders, O. Hahtela, A. Kemppinen, E. Mykkänen, M. Prunnila, D. Gunnarsson, L. Roschier, M. Meschke & J. Pekola, International Journal of Thermophysics volume 37, Article number: 125 (2016) (
  • Realization of the 3He Melting Pressure Scale, PLTS-2000, R.L. Rusby, B. Fellmuth, J. Engert, W.E. Fogle, E.D. Adams, L. Pitre, M. Durieux, J. of Low Temp. Phys. 149, 156–175, (2007), https://doi/10.1007/s10909-007-9502-y
  • The provisional low temperature scale from 0.9 mK to 1 K, PLTS-2000, R.L. Rusby, M. Durieux, A.L. Reesink, R.P. Hudson, G. Schuster, M. Kühne, W.E. Fogle, R.J. Soulen, E.D. Adams, J. Low Temp. Phys. 126, 633–642 (2002),

Superconducting Fix Points

  • High-accuracy realization of temperature fixed and reference points, Bernd Fellmuth and Christof Gaiser, Review of Scientific Instruments 94, 011102 (2023),
  • Evaluation of SRD1000 Superconductive devices, S. Schöttl, R. L. Rusby, H. Godfrin, M. Meschke, V. Goudon, S. Triqueneaux, A. Peruzzi, M. J. de Groot, R. Jochemsen, W. Bosch, Y. Hermier, L. Pitre, C. Rives, B. Fellmuth, J. Engert, J. of Low Temp. Phys. 138, 941-946 (2005).
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