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New EMP Call for Proposals

Invitation to Access the European Microkelvin Platform

With the recent rapid advances in the precision of measurements in the materials-science and quantum-technology fields, there is a growing need to take measurements down to the milli- and microkelvin temperature regimes.   However, accessing ultralow temperatures is expensive.  Thus there is a growing need for workers without their own dedicated ultralow-temperature infrastructure to be able to access such temperatures in existing facilities.   

This call is intended to encourage workers who might need such facilities but have none in their home institutions to make use of those offered by the EMP.  Below you will find a list of the facilities we offer, how to contact the EMP and how to express an interest. How to respond to this notice, or register an interest

Responses fall into three main categories.

1. If you have an ultralow temperature experiment which you would like to have considered for cold time by the Platform please write a resume of the experiment and the facilities required and forward it to the EMP User Coordinator, (, who will put you in touch with one or more consortium members with the necessary facilities.

2. If you have an idea for an experiment but do not yet have it fully formulated, again write a short explanation of what you have in mind and forward it to the User Coordinator, (, who will put you in touch with EMP members who can help you formulate your ideas further.

3. Finally, if you have aspirations in the ultralow temperature field but no very solid proposals right now, please register an interest.  Again, send a statement of interest to the User Coordinator, (, with your parameters, home institution, field of interest etc.,  which will allow us to keep you up-to-date with new developments in the EMP, ready for when you are in a position to consider using the facilities.

For further information, please consult the Platform website or email the User Coordinator directly.
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