Information for Potential Users

Logistic and technical support. The local administration at each access-giving site will provide visitor support for visa, travel and accommodation-related matters. Users will be provided with fast computer networks connections at the facility site, supported by local operators, and with electronic access to most scientific journals. All sites have established infrastructures for ultralow temperature research supported by well-trained local personnel.

Scientific support  for users will be provided by the local operators at the facilities as well as by the participants of the user meetings. For efficient progress, the best means is where a new experimental proposal parallels and builds on the expertise gained from our present research and that of the user groups involved. For any project, representatives from the user group will be able to visit the facility to discuss the planning, to become acquainted with local team, and to familiarize themselves with the local working methods.  This procedure ensures that projects are already carefully prepared before the actual design and construction stages. The two-way interaction between user group and the local access-giving team will naturally for the duration of the project through to publication.